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Pitch, Hit, Run
by posted 03/08/2019


Time is running out to register for Major League Baseball's Pitch, Hit and Run contest to be held on March 24.

Registration forms are located at the snack shacks on both the quad and deuce.

The contest is free to all registered South Orlando Babe Ruth baseball and softball players.

You can also register online at:


Pitch, Hit, Run
Contest Rules
Age groups – 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 
Age group is determined by player’s age as of July 17, 2019
Valid birth document must be provided at time of competition
Divisions – Baseball and Softball
Baseball – 6 balls from 45 feet
Softball – 6 balls from 35 feet (7/8, 9/10 use 11 inch ball, 11/12, 13/14 use 12 inch ball)
Scoring – an attempt hitting any portion of the target will be deemed a strike and is worth 75 points
Hit (from a tee)
Baseball – 3 balls
Softball – 3 balls from 35 feet (7/8, 9/10 use 11 inch ball, 11/12, 13/14 use 12 inch ball)
Scoring – Only the best of the 3 attempts will count toward a competitor’s score.
Scoring is based on total distance (distanced traveled minus inaccuracy)
Distance equals where a ball first lands on a fly, NOT where the ball stops rolling.
Inaccuracy equals distance from the center line
Example: A ball lands on a fly at 140 feet but is 20 feet from the center line. The total distance is 120 feet.
Points are awarded for total distance (ex. 150 feet equals 300 points)
The run is timed from 120 feet for all competitors.
The runner will start at second base then touch third base and continue home.
The timing begins when the administrator says GO and ends when the competitor touches home.
Points are awarded for time of run. (ex. 7.5 seconds equals 250 points)
For each age group and division, the following competitors will be awarded a certificate and advance to the Sectional.
All-Around Champion, Pitch Champion, Hit Champion and Run Champion
For more information contact Bob Fiola at 
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$20 DICK'S Sporting Goods Bucket of 12 Baseballs Or Softball
by posted 02/19/2019

Description: SOBRLOGOhomepage

Coaches and Parents

We have something special for you.

We have a limited quantity of  

DICK'S Sporting Goods 

5 Gallon Padded Lid Bucket with 12 Balls in each

Choose from:

AD STARR - Leather Baseballs

AD STARR - 11" & 12" Leather Softballs

AD STARR - Synthetic covered Tee Balls

Each Bucket of Balls is just $20

>>The Buckets can be purchased at the Quad
Concession Stand<<


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New Bat Rules
by posted 11/19/2018


Description: SOBRLOGOhomepage

Approved Bats


This Spring 2018 the Cal Ripken Divisions (T-Ball, Rookies, Minors, & Majors) can only use a Bat with the NEW USABat marking. These Bats started selling in stores and on-line in September 2017. 

USA Bat Marking - 


Our South Orlando Babe Ruth league - for the Spring 2018 Season we will ONLY allow the new standard bats with the USABat markings for these divisions.


2018 Bat-Rules
All Baseball & Softball approved bats 

For all the details on current Approved Bats always refer to the Babe Ruth HQ website:

(QuestionsEmail:     / Call: 407-487-2969

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How its made - a Baseball
by RogerTamborlane posted 11/22/2013

How its made  - a Baseball

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How It's Made Baseball Gloves
by posted 11/21/2013

How It's Made Baseball Gloves

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How Its Made Carbon Fiber Bats
by RogerTamborlane posted 08/28/2013

How Its Made  - Carbon Fiber Bats

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